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mr. Marijke Vervoort

mr. Marijke Vervoort RB

Member of Register Belastingadviseurs
(Register of Tax Advisors)

fiscalist and civilist

“Developing an effective solution is always challenging. I am, by nature, very goal-oriented. My father, Theo, taught me how important it is to talk to each other about the matter in hand. He said you had to ‘dance around the problem’. The best solution would become obvious.”

  • structuring estate planning
  • legal advice regarding reorganisations, mergers and company succession
  • tax consultancy cross-border working and living traffic

 e-mail: m.vervoort@teamvervoort.nl

mr. Frank Drost

mr. Frank Drost


notarial lawyer

"Advice must be appropriate for the circumstances, correct in content and have a long shelf-life. Expert knowledge is, naturally, very important. But involving clients in the process and making the choices and consequences very clear to them is at least equally important. The choices they make will, after all, have an effect for many years.”

  • advisor estate planning
  • inheritance and gift tax returns
  • legal advice regarding estate planning
  • legal advice regarding company succession

e-mail: f.drost@teamvervoort.nl

drs. Jan Jaap Oskam

drs. Jan Jaap Oskam


fiscal economist

"In the tax world there’s a lot of looking backwards. In financial fiscal planning, however, we look forwards and organise provisions for the future. The questions that play a role: What are the financial consequences of a death? What effect do choices have, for example on the cash flow in twenty years? In my view taxation must not be the determining factor, but is a useful tool that can help towards understanding and taking decisions."

  • financial fiscal planning private individuals and companies/entrepreneurs
  • general fiscal practicality
  • estate planning

e-mail: jj.oskam@teamvervoort.nl

Simone Sikkens

Simone Sikkens RB

Member of Register Belastingadviseurs
(Register of Tax Advisors)

tax specialist and notarial lawyer

"Providing clear advice that is based on a full understanding of a client’s wishes and questions and that really helps the client is, for me, the key driver in this profession. Listening carefully, a pragmatic approach and in-depth technical knowledge are, in my view, very important for achieving this. Enjoying the work completes the picture for me." 

  • tax and legal advice for private individuals and Directors with large shareholdings, foundations, unions, clubs
  • tax advice regarding cross-border working
  • estate planning, personal and family law, taxation/legal advice in the case of divorce

 e-mail s.sikkens@teamvervoort.nl

drs. Rein Vervoort

drs. Rein Vervoort


operations manager

"Team Vervoort has replaced the traditional office management function with a dynamic and flexible role in which strategic insight and a hands-on mentality are essential. My goal is to be an integral component of an organisation with a clear vision and courage so I can contribute towards a sustainable growth in a changing environment." 

  • management of the office’s activities
  • communication with external and internal stakeholders
  • responsible technological development
  • sales & marketing

 e-mail r.vervoort@teamvervoort.nl

Eveline Fonk-Kramer RB

Eveline Fonk-Kramer RB

Member of Register Belastingadviseurs
(Register of Tax Advisors)

tax specialist

"The contact with clients is the aspect of my work I am most passionate about. I want clients to be completely satisfied with my help and the insights I give them to be effective, practical and specific to them. Team Vervoort is a team of people well-tuned to each other. This makes me feel at home here and enables me, together with my colleagues, to achieve the quality of service to which I aspire."

  • national advisory practice
  • international tax return practice

 e-mail e.fonk@teamvervoort.nl

Mr Christiaan Steenken

mr. Christiaan Steenken

fiscalist and civilist

"When it comes to the Law, nothing is as changeable as tax legislation. This means it is very important that your advisor has a pro-active attitude. As an advisor I believe that recognising and anticipating these changes in good time is essential. Personal contact is very valuable in this respect." 

  • general fiscal practice
  • fiscal advice when working across borders
  • tax returns

 e-mail c.steenken@teamvervoort.nl

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