Which company structure?

When you start, buy, sell or merge a company the question of what is the most suitable legal business structure always plays a role. The legal structure influences the risk you take, but also determines your tax obligations. Team Vervoort advises (forthcoming) entrepreneurs on fiscal matters. We are able to explain your options and the related fiscal and legal watch-points. We can, if requested, also prepare all the required documents and declarations. 

Questions we are able to answer for you:

  • Which legal form is fiscally the most favourable? And what does this mean for my liability?
  • What must be included in our articles of association?
  • How do we correctly and conveniently organise the addition of a new business partner?
  • May activities be carried out by an annuity limited company?
  • Which costs are (partially) tax deductible and which are not?
  • Is setting up my own limited company at an early stage advisable? 
  • Does the speed at which I hand over my company (gradually or in one fell swoop) influence the level of overlap profit?
  • Which solution is fiscally more advantageous: leasing or hire purchase?
  • How do I liquidate my company?


  • advice on setting-up a business structure and legal form
  • advice on and guidance of dealings with the tax authorities
  • advice on the content of Articles of Association
  • fiscal-legal advice on company mergers, reorganisations, acquisition and termination, and company succession
  • company acquisition trajectory planning
  • optimising the civil and fiscal legal position of business structures with limited companies
  • drawing-up cooperation/partnership agreements (shareholder’s agreements?), survivorship clause and transfer clause
  • preparing tax returns/declarations (assessments?)(income tax, corporate tax, dividend tax)
  • preparing reports for the purpose of annual financial statements
  • managing/steering a company liquidation
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