How do I plan my finances?

Whether or not your income and expenditure balance in the short term is generally clear, doing the sums for the longer term is more complicated. What will your financial situation be after your retirement? What will your costs be and how much will remain at your disposal? If you want to be certain that you are making the right choices and provisions now, it is always a good idea to talk to a fiscal specialist. We can draw-up a long-term plan for you, advise you about choices and how to preclude risks.

Questions we can answer for you:

  • What does my current financial situation look like?
  • How can I achieve my financial goals?
  • What pension provisions do I have/what’s my pension situation?
  • What does my future financial situation look like?
  • What are the consequences for my will?
  • Do I need a donation plan?
  • Does it make sense to lend my children money?


  • drawing-up a fiscal plan
  • stewardship
  • equity planning
  • estate planning
  • financial and fiscal planning
  • advising on home finance
  • drawing-up documents
  • preparing returns (income tax, corporate tax, dividend tax)
  • compiling reports

  • checking assessments and answering questions from tax authorities
  • fiscal ledger checking
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