How to live together and share property?

What should we do, live together or marry? And if we choose to marry will drawing up a nuptial agreement be a good idea? In the bliss of having decided to share a life together, it is often forgotten that sharing life’s ups and downs also has financial and fiscal consequences. Do you wish to share your incomes equally even if one of you contributes more than the other? How do you divide your joint investments, costs and income in the longer term if things go wrong?

Questions we can answer for you:

  • How is capital best shared among parents and children?
  • Which is better, cohabitation or marriage?
  • What should a prenuptial agreement include?
  • Is the contribution I pay towards the maintenance of my (step) children tax deductible?
  • What are the consequences of pension conversion or would it be best to opt for pension settlement?
  • How does alimony affect my fiscal income?
  • Am I allowed to include the alimony as a deductible item in my tax return?
  • What is the best way, in terms of taxation, to organise the compulsory sale of my house?
  • What are the fiscal consequences of lump sum buy-out alimony? And what form should such a buy out take?
  • Must I also share my annuity/superannuation with my (ex) spouse?
  • How will our divorce affect our life insurance?


  • advice regarding cohabitation documents (cohabitation contract, prenuptial agreement)
  • drawing-up cohabitation documents
  • restructuring property (separation and division of property)
  • calculating the discounted value of future maintenance obligations
  • evaluating the fiscal aspects of the divorce settlement
  • fiscal guidance after a divorce
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