What do I want to bequeath?

Whether you like it or not, it is an absolute certainty that after your death the tax authorities will be knocking on the door to demand a percentage. You may want to prepare for such certainties during your life (and upon your death) and ensure the maximum possible portion of your capital benefits your next of kin or good causes. You may also, for example, decide to set up your own fund.

Questions we are able to answer for you:

  • What type of will is best in our circumstances?
  • Is gifting during our lifetime the best option? And if so, how?
  • How is capital shared out among parents and children in the Netherlands?
  • What will my death mean for my family in financial terms?
  • If my husband dies what is the position of his children from a previous marriage?
  • Are children allowed to demand their share immediately and so force the sale of the marital home?
  • I have neither a partner nor children. What will happen to my estate if I die unexpectedly?
  • In my situation is a fideicommissum (trust) advisable? 
  • Within what period of time must I complete an inheritance tax declaration?
  • What information must be included in the inheritance tax declaration?
  • How do the new regulations affect my will and heirs?
  • How can I prevent my current new partner being financially dependent on the children after my death?
  • How can I prevent a usufruct situation?
  • How can I structure my will so that the discord in my family does not escalate?


  • advice regarding managing the estate
  • drawing-up an estate plan
  • advice on drawing-up wills and other contracts
  • advice on legacy settlement
  • executor: handling legacy settlement
  • preparing a property inventory
  • bequest payment
  • inheritance and gift tax declarations
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