Where do I pay tax?

Tax and social security schemes are organised on a national basis, but companies and professionals such as airline pilots and ICT professionals operate internationally. In addition, more people, in a wider range of age groups are choosing to live abroad for a year or a stage in their lives . In fiscal terms this offers both opportunities and risks that need to be considered and about which we are able to provide you with information and advice – tuned specifically to your situation – so you do not pay any double tax.

Questions we are able to answer for you:

  • Does working four days a week for a Swiss company in Zurich and working one day a week from home (in the Netherlands) have fiscal consequences for me?
  • I work for a French company and am stationed on a ship. How does this affect my tax payments?
  • What’s my situation in terms of social security insurances and the related entitlements and payment obligations?
  • How do I avoid paying double tax if I work in Scotland and live in the Netherlands?
  • When sending somebody abroad which is more advantageous: giving the employee a local contract of operating on a secondment basis?
  • Every year we hire people from Poland on temporary 3-months contracts. Are they liable for tax in The Netherlands?
  • Am I allowed to deduct my training costs if I accept an employment contract in England?
  • I work in Germany. Am I allowed to opt to pay tax there rather than in the Netherlands?


  • fiscal advice on living in the Netherlands and working abroad
  • fiscal advice on working in the Netherlands and living abroad
  • Dutch 30 percent regulation
  • Fictitious national tax liability (Article 7.8)
  • emigration-immigration
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